Why should you use meraMD?

We serve the needs of patients, doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

For doctors is where your community is - discussing rare medical cases, medical queries and anything else to do with medicine. You can engage in meaningful discussions to share and learn. You can have manage your online profile, increase your visibility globally and publish your availability.

For patients and well-wishers

There are hundreds of websites that can provide you medical information online and most likely you would be using your favourite search engine today to search for such sites. Unfortunately, many of these are sites exist just to draw search traffic and do not provide you relevant or reliable information. Another issue typically is to find the exact information you are looking for, from the large mass of data available.

We solve both these problems for you:

  • Reliability: has manually sifted through hundreds of medical sites and looked at their certifications, information base and disclosures to ensure that they conform to best practices and are not spam sites.

  • Search: uses the power of Google Custom Search Engine Service to mine the handpicked sites only and provide you with the best quality links so that you spend less time on searching and more time on educating yourself about your health.

For pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical companies can use to market their OTC drugs to patients through advertising on our website. Drug information can be provided to doctors online, along with company sponsored CME programs. Pharmaceutical companies can launch e-detailing programs through Checkout our blog for more details on e-detailing.