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Dr. Sudesh Bhatia
I recently visited Dr. Mrs. Sudesh Bhatia for Root Canal Treatment and I've been extremely satisfied with the way she handled my case. She is a very nice and highly professional Doctor and I would recommend her to all my Friends and everyone. Actually, I've recently been to a trip to Vaishno Devi where I had an acute tooth ache, I asked there for a Dentist and a Mata Shrine Board Employee referred to Dr. Mrs. Sudesh Bhatia in Jammu. I specially visited her clinic and returned extremely happy. I've been visiting a very experienced and highly qualified Dental & Oral Surgeon in New Delhi however he also fails if I compare him with this great Lady. May God bless her and she is a truly a boon to Jammu People. Thank you very much Doctor! With very high and Warm Regards, Rohit
Dr. Meenu Jain
Dr. Nikhil Dev Waz
I got my RCT done through Dr. Wazir abt. 10 yrs ago and it is still working very good, just like any other normal teeth. During my last visit to India I again went to Dr Wazir as I had severe problem in 2 teethes, he did the filling (which took around an hour) in one of those and recommended RCT for another. The filled tooth works perfectly fine. I had to go back to Canada in few days n Dr. Wazir stayed out of his clinic during that time, as I count wait vey long I had to c another doctor, Som Dutt, for RCT and I had a very bad experience there, the RCT tooth still feels very uncomfortable n all those teeth he recommended for fillings n filled are still very sensitive even though they were good before his fillings. As Dental is very expensive here I’ll surely visit Dr. Wazir during my visit to Jammu this winter The best thing abt Dr. Wazir is he explains the problem very well, gives imp. Info and works with lot of patience 

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