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Development Milestones

Following are the developmental milestones as per the chronological age which each child must pass through for healthy development. If you DON'T see the following things in your kid then its time you come to us.

At 2 months

Follows object, both hands open frequently, social smile.

At 4 months

Head control, reaching for objects, responds to the source of sounds

At 6 months

Sitting with hand support, transfer object, babbling.

At 8 months

Sit and play, says 'dada' 'mama' inappropriately, responds to name.

At 12 months

Standing without support, speaking one word, follow simple commands e.g get your shoe.

At 15 months

Walk alone, imitates mother, and uses more than 7 words.

At 18 months

Throws ball, spontaneous scribble, identifies body parts of the doll, walk upstairs with help.

At 2 years

Walk up and downstairs, can make tower of 6-7 cubes, uses two word phrases.

At 3 years

Can pedal tricycle, can draw circle, uses grammatically correct sentences.

At 4 years

Hopping, can button clothes, story telling.
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